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Culottes: the trousers of the season

Culottes: the trousers of the season
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During the last months the culottes have been taking more and more strength, to the point that they have become a necessary garment in our wardrobes for this season.

A few years ago, we would not imagine that the culotte silhouette, which is characterized by being cinched at the waist to later fall straight from the hips to a few inches above the ankle, would have prominence in the clothing cases. Despite this, today we can affirm that not only did they return to be a trend but they are here to stay.

Do you find it difficult to take it? Here we tell you how.

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Elegant or Sport

At first glance, the culottes could seem a difficult piece of clothing, but we want to tell you that these pants may be one of the most versatile pieces of your closet. Its versatility makes it possible to wear both day and night, as it is an ideal garment to create looks of any kind.

You can combine them with flat or sport shoes for casual and relaxed looks, but also look great with heels for more formal looks. Working girls can also take this garment to the office because when combined with shirts, blazers and stilettos you will have a very chic work outfit. The culotte is a garment that definitely can not miss in your wardrobe for its practicality and comfort.

Use it in winter or summer

The culottes are next to be the new little black dress, for example our Nala Mini Dress, so look for them in black or basic colors that will serve you both for warm weather and for cities where the environment reaches low temperatures. Dare to use colors like beige or nude in both types of weather. This kind of tones, which are part of the range of neutrals, have the ability to adapt to all the outfits and styles you can imagine. Wear it with leather jackets or trench coats in low temperatures or with flats and a white shirt on your summer vacation, in any case you'll look amazing.

Stylize the figure

The culottes are perfect for all types of figures because being a high-rise garment are ideal for women who seek to disguise the belly and having the wide waist will give the effect that the legs are much thinner. These details highlight the femininity and the figure of the woman. The effect of the total look is a very popular style trick because it is also a safe bet to see you more slender. We warn: its effect can be shocking.

The crop top: the culotte's best friend

A great garment to show off your culottes to the maximum is the crop top. As it is a wide garment the ideal would be to combine it in the upper part with a short top that highlights the silhouette and that lets see the curves. For example: The Serendipity Top. If you wear a long coat or a jacket with a lot of volume you will not counteract this effect of loose clothing. Do not doubt that with this outfit you will steal all the looks wherever you go.

Who would have said several summers ago that this look would be one of our favorites?

No doubt we love the culottes, to the point that we would take it every day if we could. Dare to use it, take it everywhere and adapt it to the looks you want. The possibilities are endless! The culottes are definitely the 'it' of this season.

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